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Add a Sparkle to Your Fiat 500 Key (Https://Cse.Google.Com.Tw/Url?Sa=I&Url=Https%3A%2F%2Fwww.Autokeys-R-Us.Co.Uk%2Ffiat%2F/) Fob

Add a touch of fun to your Fiat 500 Key Fob with these cute Silicone Covers. These covers are easy to put on, and you can snap over your black cover.

311170119_2306394586188303_2849487588620745484_nlow.jpgThe silicone covers shield the keys from dust, splashes and other contaminates. They also make your keys look much more fashionable. The remote control's signals are not affected and they continue to function even when the cover is on.

Guards your key from dust and splashes

This silicone cover will add a touch of elegance to your key. It will fit perfectly over your key fob without loosening. It also shields your key from splashes and dust. The cover's silicone material will not alter the signals transmitted by your key remote. Therefore, you can still use your key fob buttons as normal.

Accessorize your fiat keys replacement 500 in Grey or Black with these cool covers. They're perfect if the key cover is beginning to look worn out, scratched or Fiat 500 Key scratched. The covers are made of high quality silicone and come with two key rings, so you can swap them out when you get bored of one colour.

These covers are designed to replace the black stock key cover that came with your vehicle. You'll need to remove the original key cover before you can install these covers.

Looks great

Fiat are a truly unqiue and well-known Italian brand and their cars are a striking design that distinguishes them from the rest. These sparkly key covers are a fun and easy way to add a touch of glamour to your car keys without being overbearing. They look fantastic on your key fob and can be used to refresh the look of a worn-out key.

The covers are designed to replace the black cover. They snap in place easily. It is recommended to remove the old cover prior installing the new.

The Fiat logo can be seen in both Grey and Black. You can always change it when you want to! These are also great gifts for replacement fiat key 500 drivers.

Easy to install

Fiat 500 key covers can be a great way to modernize your keys. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your style. You can install them yourself in ten minutes. All you need is an electric screwdriver and a bit of patience. The first step is to remove the old cover from your key. This needs to be removed before the new cover can be put in place.

After removing the cover, you can make use of a flathead tool to remove the four major attachment clips from the passenger side of fob assembly. These are marked in red on the picture below. Pay attention to the yellow tabs, which must be disengaged.

Replace the battery with a CR2032 coin cell battery. The "+" side of the battery should be facing the opening on the fob and the "side that is "-" side should face the rubber buttons.

Reattach the passenger side mirror cover by aligning the locating tabs. Once you've done this, put the driver-side fob back in your car and test it. Press the push button located on the back of the key. If everything is working properly, your car should activate the parking lights and the doors will lock automatically.

Easy to remove

Fiat 500 Key Covers are the perfect way to update your key fob. Easy to install, they are distinctive in appearance. They protect your key fob from smudges, scratches and dirt. To replace the cover, you will first have to remove the old one from your vehicle.

You can easily accomplish this by pressing the "Fiat" red button on the front face of your key fob. When you press the button, an unlatching lever will be released which allows you to slide out the metal ignition switch (1). After removing the key, you'll be able to see a small silver round switch that has images of an unlocked and locked padlock on top of it. This is the key fob battery switch. It is simple to replace the battery by turning the switch one quarter turn using the small screwdriver flathead.

The key fob is equipped with a microchip which communicates with the Body Control Module. When you insert your fiat keys key it presses the button on the ignition switch that is used to remind you of the "key-inignition". The BCM can detect the transponder in the key fob in order to confirm that it is valid.

You can also add a design twin pack to your key covers to give it an unique and funky appearance. The covers snap onto the original cover. They are available in Cream or silver. The key cover only works in the event that you remove the black cover from the key fob.


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